Raising Three Kids: Seeing a Doctor with a Newborn in Tow

Hello again from the trenches!

Over the past few months, I have gotten to go to the doctor (my doctor) with my newborn in tow.

In fact, I have seen one two three four doctors with junior: three specialists (one of which was my OB) and my good ol’ regular doctor. Mind you, before having three kids, I didn’t normally go to the doctor. Or bring a kid with me for that matter. However, as part of my hazing for being a mom of three with no family nearby (read: no free/emergency babysitting), I was blessed with needing to go to the doctor many times with a newborn. Here is a rundown of the two most memorable ones:

  • OB – 6-8 weeks post-baby, full exam. This is one of those mandatory appointments that is right up there with teeth cleaning (sorry, doc!)
    Like a pro, I planned my doctor’s appointment so that it would perfectly align between feedings during a time when my newborn was usually (can you use that word in the same sentence as newborn?) sleepy. I was so proud of myself.
    And naive. On this particular day my OB was running behind schedule, so much so that my OB walked in right as my newborn started fussing for some milk. “Ahh, what am I gonna do?” I thought to myself. After a moment of panic, I was struck with an idea: “My OB did just deliver my baby about 6 weeks ago and gave him to me to nurse then…so nursing him during my exam now should essentially be just the same, right?” Yup, I nursed junior through my whole doctor’s appointment. And you know what? My OB didn’t care at all. I heart OB’s.
  • Ophthalmologist – 8 weeks post-baby, “sick” exam. I’ll just come out and say it: I got pink eye from one of my kids. No matter how much I washed my hands and kept telling myself “Don’t touch your eye. Don’t touch your eye. Don’t touch your eye.”; I must have touched my eye. It’s hard to remember to do anything when you are in the newborn period (and are so. tired.).
    Since this was a sick visit, I had to go when the doctor had an available slot. I did a better job of keeping Junior all full and sleepy, but timed it with him being asleep in the waiting room and for the tech instead of for the doctor. So the ophthalmologist walked in right as baby was getting fussy. Hmm…maybe if I hold him, he will stop crying and we can get this exam over with? I asked the ophthalmologist for her opinion and she said that would be fine. After 30 seconds of figuring out how to hold a baby while your chin is in a chin-rest (hint: hold the baby up over your shoulder), the doc took a good look and we expediently finished the exam. Success!

Doctor visits #3 and #4 went much more smoothly thanks to the learning curve of my first two appointments above. My experience showed me that, generally speaking, medical professionals are nice people who want to help you as quickly as possible and understand that babies (and people) will be fussy at times. If you gotta go to the doctor with a baby in tow, just roll with the punches and do what you can to help the doctor help you.



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