What A Clean Kitchen Really Looks Like

Earlier this year, I made a commitment to eating clean. Since then, I have been doing a lot of baking, chopping, and cooking in my kitchen. We eat home cooked food for pretty much every meal, and yes, leftovers totally still count as home cooked meals (“Hello, third day pasta. Where have you been all my life?”).

I even started experimenting with making my own bread, granola bars, breakfast “cakes,” and bagels. Some of these were a total success (oat cakes!) and some were an almost complete failure (*ahem* bagels – total mess). And ya know what? I kinda love it. Not knowing whether a new recipe is going to turn out or not is kinda like playing the tables in Vegas or Atlantic City. When you win, you are on the top of the world. And when you fail, yeah it sucks, but you learn from it and move on (and hopefully aren’t out too much dough. Get it? Dough!).

However, what I have really learned through this process is how totally unrealistic food photography is. Now don’t get me wrong here – I love looking at food porn photography. The dishes are so pretty. The food looks delicious. Everything looks amazing.

Like this amazing egg and salmon dish. Yumm!

But therein lies the problem. If you have cooked or baked anything in your life, you know that making food = making dishes. And for some reason, no one is photographing the dishes. So, I’m just gonna come right out of the kitchen and say it: Making healthy, fresh food for (almost) every meal of (almost) every day will result in dishes. Lots and lots of dishes. Clean food necessitates a dirty kitchen.

Like all. these. dishes. 

I used to be all neurotic about not taking pictures of the mess in my house or of locking myself in the kitchen (courtesy of our baby gate) in attempt to clean all most some of the mess up before company came when I had just made a 6 course meal for 10 people. But then I realized that it’s totally okay to make a mess when you are making something great. I’m pretty sure Michelangelo didn’t have a gorgeous organization system for his art supplies or apologize for having his paint and brushes out. No, people. He had sh*t to do. He was making a masterpiece. Actually, a bunch of them.

I’ll be the first to admit that I love a clean home. But I also think we also need to tell the full story – dishes and all.

So, what’s the mess of your masterpiece? 


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  1. That’s the other best part about leftovers – you’ve already made the mess when you cooked it the first time! I’ve gotten way better at eating leftovers lately, and a big part of that is being honest with myself about what meals I love to eat two and three times in a row. When it’s a meal I love, I happily eat it the next day. When it’s one I like only okay, it’s a lot harder. Rocket science 😉

  2. David says:

    After reading your article, we have become very proud of the messes in our house because that means somewhere there are masterpieces. Seriously, it was a great insight into creating. You can’t have a masterpiece without collateral damage.

  3. bywafu4u says:

    I do not create the masterpiece but the one to clear up the mess. Thank you for showing the complete picture of real life.

    1. peakprojx says:

      My pleasure! And thank you for helping clear the mess, which is an equally important part in making any masterpiece. A clean slate allows for even more masterpieces (and mess LOL) 🙂

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