About The Diaper Pail

Baby: Crying at 3 am.
Mrs. Diaper Pail: “Where is the OFF button on this thing?!”
Mr. Diaper Pail: “Umm, I didn’t see one. Let me check the manual… Oh G-d, I don’t see a manual.”
Mrs. Diaper Pail: “WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE IS NO MANUAL?! Isn’t there a 1-800 number or a support line or something?!”
Baby: Still crying.
Mr. Diaper Pail: “Umm, Maybe we can call … Ikea?”

As a new parent, I realized rather quickly that there was no neatly bound, bureaucratic sounding instruction manual that came with my bundle of joy. Being a natural researcher, I started reading and researching everything I could find.

While I never did find the off button, I did learn a lot about raising a family in the process. After adding two more humans without manuals, I decided it was high time to start writing down some of the tips I had learned on the way – the kind that I would have liked to have had when I was starting my journey.

And thus, The Diaper Pail was born.

On The Diaper Pail, you’ll find a lot of interesting and practical content that is bite-sized enough for you to enjoy during the little bits of free time you find throughout the week.

The topics I am most passionate about, and that you will read about most often, are:

  • Raising a Family
  • Clean Eating
  • Simplifying
  • Having Fun (Parenting can be messy after all!)

I hope this blog will give you a good laugh now and then and will help you find ways to make your journey more enjoyable.


Mrs. Diaper Pail

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