25 Ways to Entertain a Toddler On A Plane Without Having to Bring a Toy

Traveling with a little one and need some free, in-air entertainment for them? Read on for 25 surprisingly easy ways to entertain a toddler on a plane without having to bring a toy.


I Poop Trained My Baby. Here Is How It Went.

Diapers – the classic American baby icon. I started out as a diapering mom. And by the time my third kid came around, I had diapers coming out of my ears. I had a newborn (in diapers), a toddler (in diapers), and a preschooler (in diapers at night). I was in charge of purchasing, storing,…

6 Hilarious, Under-Appreciated Developmental Milestones

We have all heard about the major developmental milestones for infants and can probably name them off the top of our head or at least point to a chart that lists them. However, I’ve found that the “official” milestone charts tend to miss some of the truly enjoyable – and hilarious – first year milestones….

7 Reasons Why Muslin Baby Blankets Are Awesome

Before I had kids, I couldn’t tell the difference between one baby blanket and another. Now that I’ve spent some major QT with babies and blankets, I can tell you that – hands down – muslin blankets are the best (Can I get an “Amen!”?!). Yes, that’s right; they are even better than the flannel footprint…

How to Get Things Done with a Newborn

Some of my favorite people are becoming parents this year, so in celebration of all that new parents do, I am dedicating this post to them. Cheers! How many of us revel in getting through our gloriously long to do lists, gleefully checking things off as we complete them? “Check. Check. Check. Check. What a great day!”…

Life with a Newborn: Take 3

The sleepless, drugged day-into-night time warp feeling has begun as has the overwhelming joy in having a new addition to the family (and to finally getting to enjoy chocolate and decaf coffee without heartburn again – hooray!).

Being our third time around the newborn baby block, I find myself thinking about how this time is different from all other times…